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Building Permit Application (coming soon)


Fence Permit Application


Dye Test Application


Occupancy Application


Sign Application (Coming Soon)


Zoning Application (Fillable)

In order to close on a house in the Borough of Emsworth, the following are required:

Municipal No-Lien Letter; Dye Test Certification; Occupancy Certificate; Sewage Lien Letter. 

Requests are to be sent to the Office of the Borough Secretary, 171 Center Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA  15202

Please contact the Borough Office at 412.761.1161 ext. 10 if you have any questions.

A three year tax certification from the Emsworth tax Collector is also required. 

Requests are to be sent to the Office of the Tax Collector, 171 Center Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15202

Please contact the Tax Office at 412.761.1161 ext. 12 if you have any questions.